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E-Marker is now LIVE!

E-Marker is an electronic solution to eliminate the cumbersome processing of  paper-issued casino markers. 

Marker requests are made through a mobile device right at the table.


 For those with credit you must go to

Casino Credit with your  ID and select a PIN #. 

No one is exempt from the process. 

There will be 2 scanners in the Casino Credit office,

1 scanner at the cage and 1 at Cain (temporarily). 

  The goal is to have all Credit customers sign up for their pin # at Casino Credit &  FM customers at the Casino Cage.   

This needs to be done prior to drawing a marker,

starting June 23rd, 2016!

ID format: 

U.S. customer may use their driver’s license. 

Everyone else will need to use their passport. 

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