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What is a Casino Representative or Junket Representative?
As a Casino Representative (Junket Rep)

we are  licensed and registered at all the casino’s we represent to make your reservations and arrangements such as air, room, ground transportation, and amenities or special requests. 

How do I qualify for Casino Trips?
To discuss this in more detail please give Casino Sales a call at

800 355 7636

please speak with

Carmen Messina or Terry Weiner.

Once we review your Contact Information and properties that you have played.

We will review your rated play and based on your past history or rated casino play we can review the Qualifications and try to optimize the most in upfront complimentaries.

I have a property host that takes care of me,

why would I need a

Casino Representative or Junket Rep?
Property hosts can only take care of you at that property,

We can take care of you at over 100 casinos at the same comp level and service.

Additionally, we strive to maximize your upfront comps and provide you with the finest and most

professional service in the industry.

We are able to offer you airfare upfront for charters and group trips based on your casino rated play.

All our charters and select groups are escorted and when we cannot be on property we use in house hosts such as

NCM (National Casino Marketing) or Player Development Hosts.

Between Casino Sales representatives and the casino hosts we are all there for you to handle issues such as dinner and show reservations to general inquiry questions.



What are ratings?
Ratings are generated when using your player card at table games and inserted into the slot machine(s) when playing

(we recommend getting 2-3 player cards should you like to play multiple machines). 

With these ratings we can offer you different trips based on your ratings and the costs associated

with the requested trip or charter.

The ADT (average daily theoretical) is basically the casino worth utilized by casinos to issue comps.

Please note that all trips (Group or individual) are always based on rated casino play not tier levels.

How do I qualify for complimentary charter and group trips?
Trips vary by month, destination, specific time of year and special events..

For charters based on cost and date of travel the minimum ADT would begin at 400 ADT.

For those who need an example of play :

In slots min 4 to 5 hours per day at an average $3.00 spin

On tables 4 hours per day at a minimum $100 average bet.

Additionally, the more hours or the higher average bet the more comps and upgraded amenities you will receive.


New player with Casino Sales ?
First, once we update your personal information and your previous casino account numbers

we can then discuss your trip in more detail.

Should you be a NEW Player we would try and formulate a trip for you and then base

future complimentaries on that casino rated play.


For us to receive credit and have the ability to make any adjustments to your reservation

we must make your reservation.

Should you deal direct and a property makes a decision we cannot override their decision

(Right, Wrong or indifferent)

We honor all casino promotions

Thank you for your continued support

Casino Sales



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