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Atlantis General Information

Friendly reminder that customers should depart the property 3 hours prior to departure flight time to the U.S.


Reminder that our check out time is 11am in all towers.


Guests that request a late check out will now be charged a late check out fee. Guests are notified when they request a late check out with the front desk - that they will be charged $150 + VAT = $165 per hour past 11am.


If hotel operations honor the guest late check out request, the fee will be applied per hour.


The customer is responsible for paying this charge. This is a hotel charge not related to the casino.


Please advise your guests upfront that those that request a late checkout that they are responsible for this charge.

$75,000 Kentucky Derby

Roulette Tournament

May 4, 2024

Memorial Day Weekend

$1,000,000 Slot Tournament

May 24-26, 2024

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