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Carmen Messina

Casino Sales International
I encourage my travelers to purchase a


membership for evacuation services that will bring you all the way home to the hospital of your choice, in the event you are hospitalized while traveling.”

“As an enhancement to any recommended travel insurance products,

Defined A medical evacuation membership program –

as a member if you are hospitalized more than

150 miles from home,

will arrange comprehensive medical transportation to the hospital of your choice, not just the nearest

adequate facility.
Peace of mind every time you travel.   

The MedjetAssist Membership

 Domestic air medical evacuation averages $25,000

and internationally it can exceed $100,000

but not with the medical evacuation protection of Medjet.  

Annual memberships are $260 for an individual,

$365 for a family and

Short-Term memberships start as low as $99.  
Multi-year, Corporate and Group memberships are also available.   
Additional membership options and pricing may be available for AARP members.  


The MedjetAssist Difference  


No “medical necessity” –
Neither the attending physician nor the capability of the existing facility

determines the merit of an evacuation  

Evacuation is to the member’s hospital of choice 

NO health questions for those under the age of 75.

Diamond applications are available for

individuals age 75 to 85.

Applications must be approved prior to departure.   

For individuals age 85 and up,

Platinum memberships are available.

This program is available to AARP members only and protects the member while they travel internationally.

A Platinum membership application is required and must be approved prior to departure.
No adventure travel exclusions

No natural disaster exclusions

No terrorism exclusions 

No dollar limits on evacuations

No deductibles

No co-pays

No claim forms

Domestic as well as international protection       

your ticket home in a medical emergency 

Travelers can learn more information by visiting



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