Qualified Players Complimentary
Upcoming Florida Dates

Clearwater (PIE)

Nov 18th - 21st (Mon-Thu)

Nov 21st - 24th (Thu-Mon)

Nov 24th - 27th (Mon-Thu)

Nov 27th - 30th (Thu-Sat)

Nov 30th - Dec 3rd (Sat-Tue)

Dec 3rd - 6th (Tue-Fri)

Dec 6th - 9th (Fri-Mon)

Dec 9th - 12th (Mon-Thu)

Dec 12th - 15th (Thu-Sun)

Dec 15th - 18th (Sun-Wed)

Dec 18th -21st (Wed-Sat)

Dec 21st -24th (Sat-Tue)

Dec 24th-27th (Tue-Fri)

Dec 27th - 30th (Fri-Mon)

Jan 2nd 2nd - 5th (Thu-Sun)

Jan 5th - 8th (Sun-Wed)

Jan 8th -11th (Wed-Sat)

Jan 11th - 14th (Sat-Tue)

Jan 14th - 17th (Tue-Fri)

Jan 17th - 20th (Fri-Mon)

Jan 20th - 23rd (Mon-Thu)

Jan 23rd - 26th (Thu-Sun)

Jan 26th - 30th (Sun-Wed)

Feb 1st -4th (Sat-Tue)

Feb 4th - 7th (Tue-Fri)

Feb 7th - 10th ( Fri-Mon)

Feb 10th -13th (Mon-Thu)

Feb 13th - 16th (Thu-Sun)

Feb 16th - 19th (Sun-Wed)

Feb 19th -22nd (Wed-Sat)

Feb 22nd -25th (Sat-Tue)

Feb 25th - 28th (Tue-Fri)

Daytona Beach (DAB)

Dec 7th - 10th (Sat-Tue)

Dec 28th - 31st (Sat-Tue)

Jan 25th - 28th (Sat-Tue)

Feb 12th - 15th (Wed-Sat)

Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

Nov 19th - 22nd (Tue-Fri)

Dec 10th - 14th (Tue-Sat)

Jan 4th - 7th (Sat-Tue)

Feb 3rd - 6th (Mon-Thu)

Fort Myers (RSW)

Nov 18th - 22nd (Mon-Fri)

Nov 22nd - 25th (Fri-Mon)

Nov 25th - 29th (Mon-Fri)

Dec 2nd - 6th (Mon-Fri)

Dec 6th - 9th (Fri-Mon)

Dec 9th - 13th (Mon-Fri)

Dec 13th - 16th (Fri-Mon)


Jan 10th -13th (Fri-Mon)

Feb 24th - 27th (Mon-Thu)

Gainesville (GNV)

Dec 19th - 22nd (Thu-Sun)

Jan 1st - 4th (Wed-Sat)

Feb 9th - 12th (Sun-Wed)

Jacksonville (JAX)

Dec 4th - 7th (Wed-Sat)

Dec 25th - 28th (Wed-Sat)

Jan 16th - 19th (Thu-Sun)

Feb 2nd -5th (Sun-Wed)

Feb 16th - 20th (Sun-Thu)

Melbourne (MLB)

Dec 1st-4th (Sun-Wed)

Dec 22nd - 25th (Sun-Wed)

Jan 19th - 22nd (Sun-Wed)

Feb 6th - 9th ( Thu-Sun)

Orlando/Sanford (SFB)

Nov 28th - Dec 1st

Jan 22nd - 25th (Wed-Sat)

Feb 18th - 21st (Sat-Tue)

Sarasota (SRQ)

Dec 16th - 19th (Mon-Thu)

Jan 13th - 16th (Mon-Thu)

Feb 15th - 18th (Sat-Tue)

West Palm Beach (PBI)

Nov 25th - 28th (Mon-Thu)

Dec 13th - 16th (Fri-Mon)

Jan 7th - 10th (Tue-Fri)

Jan 28th - 31st (Tue-Fri)

Feb 21st - 24th (Fri-Mon)


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Qualified Players Complimentary

Please note, this is a calendar of events and not an invitation.
Event participation is subject to qualification and may be by invitation only. Event tickets are subject to availability. All event dates are subject to change or cancellation.
Does not include: gratuities for airport drivers, maids, servers, bellmen and general personnel on property. 
For more information and to make reservations
please ask for
Carmen Messina   or   Terry Weiner
800 355 7636

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER

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